Digital Transformation:5 In-Demand Technology Skills Businesses Need

Businesses worldwide have been stunned by the pandemic, which forced them to speed up their digital /online transformation programs - some completed years' worth of work in a short of months. Firms had to invest in collaboration platforms for employees and self-service portals for customers to ensure business continuity once remote work became the norm.

The demand for those with cloud capabilities, rapid application development (low code), and new-age technologies is expanding as organizations continue to engage in digital transformation initiatives. Candidates with considerable knowledge in these areas are in a solid position to drive digital transformation projects, optimize costs, tackle complicated issues innovatively, and aid in decision-making as firms fight to attract candidates competent in emerging technologies.


Here Are The Five Most In-Demand IT Skills Among Today's Companies:

  • Cloud Computing

As organizations of all kinds hurried to use cloud services, COVID-19 produced a perfect digital storm. The cloud model has various long-term benefits, including company scalability plus reduced infrastructure expenses and enabling remote work. According to reliable analysis, the global cloud computing market is expected to increase from $371.4 billion in 2020 to $832.1 billion in 2025, making it one of the fastest-growing job prospects.

Candidates with hands-on expertise in developing and maintaining cloud-based apps are highly demanded. Cloud architects, cloud security specialists, cloud migration specialists, and cloud administrators are among the most in-demand positions.

  • Digital Marketing