How to Conduct a Content Audit to Improve Search Traffic

Improve search traffic with a content audit

Evaluating existing content for flaws and updating it with new ones is the only solution to remain ahead of online competition. Content is the life and soul of the website, and should be given the utmost attention, or else it will become monotonous. Bone up on the current strategies that are being followed to update and leverage the power of content to get relevant traffic. Improve content matrix to add worth to your future campaigns, get quality content marketing services to know it in depth.

When was the last time you got a content audit report?

Conceiving results without a defined content marketing strategy is hardly possible. A content audit is an important aspect that should be revised more often. Collecting and analyzing data present on the website, including all kinds of articles, blog posts, web pages, social media posts, etc. would let you analyze its impact on the audience. Track your content and its performance to get an insight into what needs to be changed or edited. The better the content, the higher will be the conversion rate.Figure out the number of visitors and page views for a strategical approach.

Web pages older than 6 months would not produce desirable results. Besides, if irrelevant traffic comes to your site with no or little conversion rate, the website needs a content overhaul. Make categorical analyses of content- product descriptions, blog posts, titles, publications, and multimedia to analyze the response.

You can consider the amount of organic traffic you get to know if your content is effective or not. To analyze this, Google Analytics would be the rightful approach.

Outperform Your Competitors

Video content will overtake text content soon. Indulge in some other productive activities like the production of audio and video content< to outperform your competition. Outdated content strategies can’t give long term results. Interlinking and redirecting of content and pages can bring optimal and potential traffic for positive results. Also, producing and posting highly optimized, error-free and valuable content as per the Search Engine Optimization strategy would help your website get ranked by Google to get optimal traffic.

Performing content audit every 3-4 months would let you know where you lack to let you find possible measures to get it done. The analyses should calculate missing, underperforming, and obsolete content along with high performing keywords and content for a thorough comparison. A systematic evaluation of your website and SEO strategy would open up how an individual page has been performing and influences user-experience. It would help you identify which pages need to be improved to transform it as per the user experience.

For a through management, prepare a spreadsheet with specific URLs and put details of deleted, updated, rewritten, or restructured accordingly to see results. Be unique, clear, and informative with content. All this would eventually let Google rank your website high to get significant traffic. In case you find it difficult, connect with us and get to know how it works. At KPL Tech solution, our team of digital marketing managers, SEO executives who would make a thorough analysis to determine favorable aspects. Get in touch to know more.