Instagram New Update: Two Ways to Manage Your Instagram Feed
Instagram New Update

Instagram switched from a chronological feed to an algorithm feed for almost six years. A lot of active users haven't kept happy about it. Instead of viewing all the posts and stories from the accounts they have followed, the algorithm feed forced users to see posts and stories based on how they used Instagram.


It's suitable to find (and see paid promotions & posts from accounts you don't follow, if you're into that). However, it is not essentially ideal for keeping up with friends, family, and other accounts. Well, earlier this week, Instagram has finally let its users switch back to a chronological feed — kind of.


A great sigh of relief for Instagram users as the latest Instagram update has eventually brought one of the community's most asked-for features back. 


On March 23, 2022, Adam Mosseri, the Head of Instagram, took to the app's site to announce the update. The new view has been in the works for a time now. Instagram already shared plans to introduce a couple of additional sorting options to the home feed earlier.


The new chronological feed, named Following, basically breaks down the newest posts from accounts you follow. The app will list them chronologically but not by default. To use the feature Following, tap on Instagram appearing on the top of the app. Click on the Following; you will be able to see the latest posts of accounts you follow. There is no setup needed to sort your timeline that way.


Favorites is just like Following. This is a more concise feed populated by posts and stories from accounts you have specified as a "favorite. It also displays things chronologically. However, you can only add 50 accounts to your favorites. You can add those accounts to favorites from whom you don't even want to miss a single post.