Spot On The Latest Google Update About The 301 Redirection
Spot On The Latest Google Update About The 301 Redirection!

Do you know about this latest update?

301 is an HTTP status code sent by a web server to a browser. According to the latest Google update, now 301 redirects should be kept for a year to make sure the changes are recognized permanently.

Why a year?

If this question clicks in your mind, we have an ideal answer to this question.

Because it takes a while for Google to practice a major change like a site move, Google may not crawl the links enough times to identify the site has been moved if redirects are in place for less than a year.

How long should you hold onto a redirect for a site move?

John Mueller, “Google’s Search Advocate,” states this question by first revealing 301 redirects are the right ones to use in this case.

There are two types of redirects business owners use on websites, such as

301s – It redirects signals to Google that a page has been moved permanently.
302s – Itredirects signals to Google that a page has been temporarily moved.

And 301 is an ideal redirect to use in this case because a site move is a permanent change.

According to John Mueller:

✔ At Google, we try to process all pages again every few months. Many pages are patterned frequently. But the amount of crawling is narrow. There are lots of pages that we would like to crawl, so we have to line up.
✔ Our systems need to see the change in the form of a redirect for at the minimum times to record that change when a URL changes.
✔ We suggest keeping the redirect in place for a minimum of one year to ensure that a redirect has been seen a few times.

It is not easy to redirect the old URL to the new URL about site moves. For this, you need to set up 301 redirects from every single page on the old site to the same page on the new site.

But if there are pages on the old site you don’t plan to keep, there is no need to redirect those to a new URL. In addition to this, it is also essential to update all references to the old domains, such as important links from outside of the website. 

It is good to keep redirects in place for longer than a year. You can keep redirects up as long as you want to.

The bottom line:

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