Top Must-Haves In A Website According To eCommerce Development Company

With nearly 2 billion digital buyers worldwide, getting an eСommerce website developed is still a great idea for many businesses. But developing a promising online store that will stand out involves more than pretty design as well as good SEO.

Coming up with an appealing store name for your web home address is an excellent place to begin. Planning a marketing strategy early on can provide you with a valuable head start. As for design and development, we, as an e-commerce development company, have rounded up what makes a fine e-commerce website.

Like every business, every website is unique in its own way.

With time, we have seen trends in e-commerce website design, such as

  • animation,
  • 360-degree product previews,
  • advanced filtering, and
  • dynamic product search.

However, trends never assure conversion rates or powerful UX. There are certain features that every e-commerce site MUST have to stay pertinent and competitive.

Here is a list of a few must-have features that tempt online shoppers

Must-Have Features In eCommerce Websites

User-Friendly Interface

This could mean clickable images, so users need not aim for text or an auto-complete function on a search box. The key to a user-friendly design is to enable users to get what they want in the least number of actions.

High-Resolution Visual Content

Product images from diverse slants and video reviews aid shoppers make a decision. However, the number of visitors might drop with the page load speed if your advanced web solutions services provider doesn't think through the technical aspect.

User Reviews

Incorporating a feature that allows customers to share their experience with a product (whether positive or negative) enables other users to make shopping decisions. Moreover, it also adds credibility to your website.

Mobile-Friendly Adaptation

According to some reliable sources, 48% of the time spent on the internet is by 5.112 billion individual mobile device users, and that's 2/3 of the world's community. Another statistical data revealed that 79% of smartphone users had bought something from their device in the last six months. Seeing such statistics, acclimating your website design to the mobile web is required.

Wish Lists

Incorporating a wishlist is highly important for an eCommerce development company. Who doesn't like wish lists? Everyone does. Everyone likes to shop, save and share! eCommerce sites that don't incorporate wish lists often leave revenue on the virtual desktop table.

What's better than letting your users bookmark items they like and will probably purchase in the future? That is gold in the pocket and a remarketing campaign plan. Retailers create these individualized alternatives to drive engagement.

Special Offers

The maximum number of eCommerce sites use special offers in their standard marketing practices via email, social, text, etc. When shoppers recognize they get a special deal, it encourages them to shop and spend more time scouring the site.

If eCommerce sites use ongoing promotions, furnishing a unique web page that lists the offers will drive more sales and improve SEO.


Not every eCommerce website has brick-and-mortar stores. However, those that do ought to have a find-in-store attribute. At times you may not want to wait for an item to ship. You want instant satisfaction. Shoppers go online only to explore and then end up purchasing in person. This stands particularly true for millennials. They tend to explore online before buying from a store.

The Bottom Line!

The eCommerce industry has raised its bar in the past few years. eCommerce development demands a lot. Only an experienced team of developers can come up with solutions that fit the client's needs. At KPL Tech Solution, we have all the expertise and skills to bring you the best and most advanced web solutions services. You can count on us for eCommerce development as well, apart from digital marketing solutions.