Track Down the Latest Updates of Meta for Facebook Users
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Have you heard about the trending update of Meta for Facebook users?

Recently, Meta introduced a professional mode for Facebook profiles previously only available with a Facebook Page.

This advanced professional mode for Facebook profiles allows users to make money with features that were earlier limited to Facebook Pages. In addition to this, Facebook Pages are getting new competencies available only through third-party applications and Facebook Business Suite.

Being the best SMO Company in the USA , KPL Tech Solution is here with the latest updates spread out for businesses and professionals on Facebook. Let’s have a look:

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About Facebook Profile Updates:

According to this new update, Facebook profiles now include revenue earning opportunities and insights on content performance.

Advance ways to earn maximum profit:

Do you know about the first monetization option on Facebook?

Reels Play bonus program is the first monetization option with Facebook’s professional mode. This enables worthy creators to earn profit based on the views of qualifying reels. This option is currently invite-only. But if you are interested in it, then you can fill out a signup form to be reported when it is widely available.

The format is getting myriad upgrades along with the ability to earn profit from Reels uploaded on Facebook. These upgrades include;

  • First of all, create a video by choosing multiple clips
  • Save a Reel as a draft to complete later your video mid-creation
  • An expanded length of 60-seconds 60-second reel

Note: Facebook also plans to expand Reels to many more countries in the coming year.

Innovative Features from Pages Come To Profiles:

According to Meta’s new update, the professional mode makes Facebook profiles more like pages. Anyone can track and see your public posts in their feed with this mode activated without sending you a friend request.

But the best thing is that you will still have proper control over who can see the content in individual creations.

You have an option to choose if your post goes out to the public or if it is visible to friends only with each and every post you publish. With plans to increase to more users soon, this is being checked with a limited number of profiles starting today.

Note: Professional mode will be available to more countries next year and will add more innovative monetization tools.

Different Features for Facebook Pages:

Facebook Pages are converted into a professional dashboard, which is crucial for admins to review Page performance and access tools and visions. Some admins will see a different unit at the top of their page’s feed in some checks. This unit gives a snapshot of post follower count and engagement.

  • Apart from this, this new unit may also display helpful tips on making outstanding content.
  • Lastly, Facebook is testing an updated post composer for Pages that provides plenty of creator-focused features.
  • The first test will include scheduling posts, which was earlier only available through Facebook Business Suite.
  • With the help of this update, it is now possible for admins to schedule posts regardless of their existing workflow and which tool or application they are using.
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Wrap up:

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