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YouTube comes with an avant-garde feature that automatically adds chapters to videos without any further information required from the creator. It is completely a unique feature that can be turned on and off from the setting panel.

In the year 2020, automatic video chapters were first launched as an experiment. But now,YouTube is rolling it out to all adequate videos.

YouTube creates the chapters automatically by machine learning instead of the creatorproviding timestamps and titles. This unique feature is now turned on for all channels. The users can turn it off in YouTube Studio by clicking on Edit Video and changing the option to
‘allow automatic chapters when eligible and available.’

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Apart from this, if users want to use this innovative feature for all uploads in the future, they can follow these instructions
“Go to Settings > Upload Defaults > Advanced Settings.”
The users can also find the option to turn off automatic chapters for all videos in this menu.
Thorough details about YouTube’s automatic chapters feature:
There are some additional things to note about YouTube’s automatic chapters feature. Have a look:
✔ The first and foremost thing is that users can take priority over YouTube’s automatic chapters. They can manually enter their own in the video description if they don’t want to use this feature.
✔ Second important thing is that creators use this unique feature only for eligible videos. YouTube’s statement did not insist on whether specific criteria need to be met to qualify for this feature, so it is known what would make a video disallowed.
✔ One more essential thing is that the automatic chapters feature may not even be compatible with eligible videos. YouTube says a video can be entitled but not have appropriate chapters to generate automatically.
✔ The last point is that this unique feature will start rolling out to new upload videos only. Depending on how recently uploaded videos were uploaded, it will eventually roll out to them.

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Benefits of automatic YouTube chapters
Save users’ time
This automatic chapters feature can save a lot of time for creators during video uploading. In addition to this, it may allow creators to use a feature they did not have time to take advantage of before.
We all know that manually creating descriptions for videos can consume a long time,
especially for creators who post longer content. So, this feature proves highly beneficial for those and saves a lot of time. Give a better user experience.
This new feature provides a better user experience. Just like one would skim an article or blog post, automatic chapters make it possible to skim videos.
When a creator posts a long video, it may touch on several different topics, while a particular watcher may only be interested in one or two of the items discussed.

The automatic chapters feature allows the watchers to take the video parts they really want to see. Automatic chapters feature provides an outstanding video experience that helps attract more subscribers and increase their echo viewership.
Provide SEO benefits
No doubt, there are SEO benefits associated with video chapters as well. YouTube videos with automatic chapters can easily show good results in Google Search on mobile devices.This amazing feature helps boost a video’s visibility in search results and attracts more viewers from Google searches.
Wrap up:
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